UCI announces completion of excavations works at Masyoun Gardens

August 15, 2016

Ramallah, Palestine - Aug 15 2016 - The latest and largest of Union Construction and Investment Co. (UCI)’s real estate developments - Masyoun Gardens - moved a step closer to completion recently, with the completion of the excavation works.  




Set in an exclusive and attractive neighbourhood of Ramallah, the plans for Masyoun Gardens boast a series of luxury duplex apartments, alongside standardized apartment sizes that range between 155m², 140m² and 130m².


After Masyoun Gardens plans were approved by the Ramallah municipality, construction tenders we issued detailing the planned construction of the six million dollar (USD) project. Earlier in the year, the tender was announced to a company during a press conference, which put the wheels in motion for the construction of the exciting residential project.


CEO And Vice Chairman of UCI, Eng. Khaled Sabawi, hailed the completion of the excavation of Masyoun Gardens as a sign of UCI’s commitment to significantly contributing to and advancing the Palestinian economy. Through a portfolio of affordable but contemporary housing at unbeatable rates to the Palestinian population, along with the significant employment opportunities the Masyoun Gardens shall create,  a very positive impact on the community..


Affordable, comfort, and access seems to be the mantra of the project. A monthly instalment structure, whereby direct financing with UCI allows homeowners to pay off their home over a period of 10 years, begins at a modest 490 JD ($690 USD). In addition, the absence of a mandatory down payment means that Masyoun Gardens is accessible to many families who were previously priced out of the market, and for whom living in one of the most desirable neighbourhoods of Ramallah was but a distant dream.


Owning an apartment the Masyoun Gardens complex opens up the facilities of the suburb, with restaurants, parks, banks and hotels are all within a stone’s throw of the secure and trendy residential block - not to mention the Ein Minjd School and Mahmoud Darwish’s Museum, which sit opposite the site. Consisting of four primary buildings with nine floors in each, Masyoun Gardens will be able to offer its future residents at least one parking bay per apartment, alongside shared public facilities such as elevators and green outdoor spaces.


UCI is a pioneering company in introducing modern suburban housing to Palestine, initially through the creation of the Etihad Villas - which successfully sold 62 villas to Palestinian families in the Al-Bireh lands. The company has since gone on to create the Arcadia residential complex, also in Masyoun in Ramallah, alongside the construction of UCI’s headquarters which  won a global energy prize, alongside launching the innovative TABO development.